Did you know that you can supercharge your online store? All you need to do is to use user generated content! Read more!

Finally, the business owners can benefit from the wealth of direct customer relationships that are available thanks to the amazing opportunities the online world affords them. So, do you want to show how happy and satisfied your customers are with the products you sell online?

In the past, there are no ways to show this, you had to explain it. But today, you can illustrate and present this with photos taken by the customer themselves using and enjoying your product.

All web owners should understand that UGC or user generated content is very important and should definitely be a part of your retail marketing strategy.

In this article, we are going to teach you how to start using the UGC and supercharge your online store!

The Importance of UGC or User Generated Content

The power of user generated content is the main psychological trigger and that is the social proof. This is a psychological phenomenon that happens when someone guesses the actions of others impact correct behavior for a certain situation. In other words, our actions are a result of what other people do because other people are doing it as well, and that is how the circle goes.

For example, if everybody thinks a new product is cool or great, it must mean that it surely is. Whether this fact is true or not, it doesn’t really matter if people believe in it. Taking advantage of this concept will help you enhance your marketing messaging and will you help you improve your sales and revenue as well.

UGC takes this concept of social proof to another level. Instead of stating what other people are saying about your business, you are showing the actual reviews and comments your past customers have left on your website.

Here is how to implement user generated content into your strategy:

  1. Determine the type of UGC you would like to implement (comments, photos, video, and reviews)
  2. Experiment with user generated content (you need a model to test the hypothesis of whether implementing UGC will help you enhance your sales)
  3. If the test is successful, implement the UGC into your online store
  4. Promote it

Adding UGC to your marketing strategy will take some effort but it will surely bring you benefits!