Knock is an online platform where you can sell your house online. The company has successfully raised $32.5 million for their series A funding. Most of the investment came from RRE Ventures with investors such as Redpoint, Correlation Ventures, Greycroft, Great Oaks Venture Capital, Corazon and FJ Labs also contributing their share.

The website is focused on providing a simple eCommerce platform for real estate and by combining technology and market expertise they guarantee to sell the house at a competitive price in a maximum of six weeks. Knock has eliminated market unpredictability that surrounds real estate and made selling your home hassle-free.

The founders noticed the need for streamlining the home selling process while they were working at Yahoo and Trulia online real estate and decided to seek funding from market leaders of online businesses. The platform aims to change the face of property selling using data analytics to accurately price and sell houses.

The company has set its eyes on the metropolis Atlanta for their initial phase and will be expanding to other parts of the country in the coming year. The website will perform a lengthy analysis of each house uploaded on it for sale to ensure they are priced right. They also offer certification and warranty to increase value of a home while also assisting homeowners in selling their house.

Knock is not like other online real estate platforms which charge a hefty 15 to 35 percent of the sales price as commission. Knock only charges 6 percent of the sale and also helps seal the deal in six weeks. The company also offers assurance through rebate for additional pricing which means if they purchase a home and sell it at a higher price in the next 45 days then 90 percent of the difference is paid back to the owner as rebate. Also the entire process is now online removing the need for paperwork. You can even schedule repairs and open-houses through the platform from anywhere through your phone or computer.

The founders have experience with startups and valuable insights in the industry to ensure Knock is successful in their venture. Investors are confident in the team’s capabilities and believe the platform is going to transform the home-selling industry by modernizing all elements of real estate sales cycle.

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