Ecommerce industry has grown exponentially over past few years due to its ease of usage, reliability and prices offered to the customers. Selling auto parts online is undoubtedly a great market opportunity as it is forecasted to surpass $13 billion by the year 2020. There is insane amount of potential to maximize profits off your dealership’s profits by expanding your auto parts business online.

There are multiple ecommerce platforms that tend to claim that they’ll provide all the essential services for an effective auto parts business. However, the auto part business doesn’t resemble other daily commodities therefore having an automotive-focused solution is a necessity. Generic platforms won’t give you reliable OEM catalog for effective sales.

Before kick-starting your business online, it’s important to list down the objectives you are hoping to achieve through this platform. Your operation of the online store would essentially depend upon your expected sales, customer demographics and growth rate. It’s advisable to scale your business gradually targeting customers in your locality and then expanding globally. Having your goals listed would help you find the right platform that adheres to all your specific needs.

 Checking the reliability of the website is also important as it will drastically affect your profits and your company’s repute. Scout for a website that has a reputable history and does quick fixes in case of any bugs. In case of any problems, you’ll look for personalized support therefore finding out how responsive and friendly the support team of a particular ecommerce platform is crucial. Call other dealerships that are using the service and ask about the site’s customer support and response time.

Most importantly focus on the customer experience offered at the website. Ask for a demo firstly and look for other dealer pages that use the solution. Having an aesthetically pleasing website will leave a happy customer – the foundation for good business. Have minimal details on your storefront and focus on providing quality experience that is equally compatible on mobile devices as well. Google rankings could certainly help you grasp more business as well.

Lastly, dive into the technical details of the website. Can you customize the prices and theme to truly make it your site? What tools do the site offer that will give you an upper-hand from your competition? Marketing tools such as XML sitemaps and drift marketing can give you better insights about the business. Through proper knowledge and research, you can easily find the right ecommerce platform for your auto parts business.